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    Wondering what this coaching thing is all about, and if it is the right step to take next in developing your personal and professional goals? No worries, you can "try it before you buy it." In a strategy session, you can discuss your goals, where you feel stuck, and what needs you have from a coaching program. You will walk away with a clear action step to take next, and a very clear understanding if coaching is for you, and if I am your coach. Click the "Book Now Button" to schedule your session today. ~ Priscilla Hansen, CPC

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    Priscilla Hansen, CPC
    Business Management Coach
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Key Potential Coaching Manage Your Business, Manage Your Life

YOU are a Small Business Owner

YOU are brilliant.  You are daring.  You have taken your talents and gifts you have been blessed with and started a business against all odds.  Your passion speaks through the work you present to the world, and you bravely put your products and services on display for the others to purchase and enjoy.  You do it despite feeling vulnerable to critique or feeling undervalued.  You rock out loud, color outside the lines,  shine and inspire, and make the world a more beautiful place.  You do it all to make a difference in the world.

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. — Edward de Bono

You are a brilliant, creative, innovative entrepreneur!  So why does it feel like there isn’t enough time in the day, you can’t seem to get through your to-do list, and enjoy the quality of life you deserve? WHY?!

I can help you not only understand why …. but I can help you change habits at the core of your being, so being efficient, being organized, and being in control of your time will be second nature.

Ready to Reach Your Key Potential?

If you are ready to maximize your talents,  find resources to build your business, attract the clients you love, and have the time to enjoy the quality of life you deserve…. take the next step and schedule a complementary, no-obligation session to discover if coaching is for you.   Click HERE to schedule an appointment.