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Mastermind Group South Portland Maine

What is a “Mastermind” group?

Napoleon Hill first introduced the concept of Mastermind Groups more than 70 years ago, realizing that the synergy created by a group of minds working together for a common purpose FAR outweighs the power of one mind working alone. According to Mr. Hill “no two minds ever come together without thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

Ever wish you could clone yourself so you could get more done in a day? With a Mastermind Group, you are in fact creating that “third” mind.  You will experience clarity, accountability, and be able to propel your business forward at faster rate than you could previously on your own.


What is Key Potential Masterminds?

Key Potential Masterminds are guided mastermind groups made up of creative, local business owners with three common goals – to take their businesses to the next level, to attract clients they want to work with, and to expand their own personal development.   The groups meet in person at the Key Potential Coaching office in South Portland, Maine, and are limited to six business owners of non-competing industries.

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What Makes Key Potential Masterminds Different from other Business Groups?

Unlike “peer-run” mastermind groups, Key Potential Masterminds blends the knowledge of a business coach, the guidance of a master facilitator, and the experience of local business owners who have the same challenges as you, or have had the same challenges but have found ways to overcome them.

Key Potential Masterminds is not a rant and rave group.  Time is a precious commodity for a busy entrepreneur.  Priscilla Hansen, Professional Coach and Facilitator recognizes the members investment of time by keeping the group on topic, making sure each member is heard, and beginning and ending the meetings on time.  You will leave each meeting with clear,  self-assigned goals, an action plan, and the feeling of support and inclusion.

Key Potential Masterminds is not a referral-passing group.   While there is a time and place for referral passing, Key Potential Mastermind provides a safe haven for business owners to open up and share their strengths and their weaknesses.  When seeking referrals, we shine the best light on our business.  In Key Potential Masterminds, we reveal our deep dark secrets that may be keeping us up at night.  You may make relationships in the group that leads to referral passing, but that is a happy side effect, not the main focus of the group.

What are the Benefits of Joining Key Potential Masterminds?

Key Potential Masterminds run in 90 day sessions.  Sessions are specially designed  to address the goals of the members.  In each session, you will meet with your group in person six times (every two weeks for 1 1/2 hours).  Basic Membership includes a workbook, membership to a private facebook group monitored by Coach Priscilla, and exclusive access to Key Potential Coaching’s private clients website.  Plus, as an added benefit, basic membership includes a private coaching session with Coach Priscilla to address any personal business blocks or challenges.

Can I join if I am not in South Portland Maine?

Based on interest,  a Skype group will be forming soon.  To be placed on the waiting list, please enter your information here:

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I Think I’m Ready, But I Still Have Questions …

Coach Priscilla is more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding Key Potential Masterminds Membership, mastermind groups in general, or private coaching.  Click HERE to make an appointment to chat with her via phone or Skype.