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    Wondering what this coaching thing is all about, and if it is the right step to take next in developing your personal and professional goals? No worries, you can "try it before you buy it." In a strategy session, you can discuss your goals, where you feel stuck, and what needs you have from a coaching program. You will walk away with a clear action step to take next, and a very clear understanding if coaching is for you, and if I am your coach. Click the "Book Now Button" to schedule your session today. ~ Priscilla Hansen, CPC

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About Coaching

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as an: “Ongoing professional relationship between a client and coach that helps people produce fulfilling results in both their personal and professional lives. Clients report that they deepen their learning, improve their performance and enhance the quality of their lives. Coaching concentrates on where you are now, your visions and goals and supports you to achieve them”


What is Creative Business Coaching?  Creative Business Coaching is focused on your true creative nature.  First and foremost, we focus on your inspiration to create services and products you are proud of.  We brainstorm who your target audience is, and how to market to them.  We break down blocks and barriers that may be getting between you and your creativity, and we build your confidence so you are charging what you are worth.   As your coach I draw out your natural talents to balance your art with the day-to-day operations of running a business.  I help you focus on what is important and help you prioritize your tasks to enable you to manage your time efficiently.  I hold you accountable by regularly checking in.  I believe that all the answers are already within you. I am skilled at getting the best from you by tapping into your own internal motivation. I will help you connect your values to your goals to guarantee you lasting results. As your coach, I will encourage you to reach higher, stretch yourself further, and feel great about taking action. I believe in you, and  will help you believe in yourself. I promise to add energy to the process and your life by sharing my own enthusiasm and providing encouragement.

How does creative business coaching work? Most coaching is done over the phone. This works for several reasons. One, you can be in the comfort of your own home or office. It saves time and gas, not to mention trying to fit in “one more thing” into an already hectic schedule. Plus, this leaves you free to choose any coach you want – geography is not a factor when choosing a coach that meets your needs and personality.

Can I meet you in person if I want to? If you are in South Portland, Maine – sure! We can meet face to face during my office hours. I can travel for group coaching and keynote presentations upon request.

What is the frequency of coaching sessions? Depending on the coaching package you choose, we either meet weekly or bi-weekly.

What is appropriate to talk about during coaching?  Sessions are all about YOU and your agenda – meaning, what is most important for you to work on. We talk about tasks at hand, but coaching is designed to focus on you as a WHOLE… so even when your goals may be business or financial based, you may find yourself talking about relationships, spirituality or personal development. That is perfectly natural. You can count on me to keep you on track and let you know if the subject is relevant to your growth and ability to move forward. Nothing is off limits, and everything is 100% confidential.

How can a creative business coach help me with my business?  As a creative business owner – you are the boss and the employee.  No one is telling you what to do, and you have to make all the decisions all the time.  This can either be a blessing, or a curse – depending on the day.   Many creative business owners don’t need to be told what to do, rather, they need a sounding board to make sense of all the ideas swirling around in their head.  This is where a coach comes in to help you brainstorm, organize and prioritize.

How do I get started?  Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation session.   Within 30 minutes, you will walk away with a better sense of what coaching is, what it can do for you and your business, and with some action steps to get started.