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    Wondering what this coaching thing is all about, and if it is the right step to take next in developing your personal and professional goals? No worries, you can "try it before you buy it." In a strategy session, you can discuss your goals, where you feel stuck, and what needs you have from a coaching program. You will walk away with a clear action step to take next, and a very clear understanding if coaching is for you, and if I am your coach. Click the "Book Now Button" to schedule your session today. ~ Priscilla Hansen, CPC

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    Priscilla Hansen, CPC
    Business Management Coach
    500 Southborough Drive, #508
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Key Potential Coaching Manage Your Business, Manage Your Life


YOU are an incredibly talented, creative, and innovative individual  РBUT you doubt your abilities in certain areas.

YOU are passionate about what you do -BUT the hours, effort, and bleeding of resources diminish your joy.

YOU do not compromise quality – BUT sometimes feel pressured to meet deadlines.

YOU take pride in your work – BUT always think you could have done better.

YOU work hard, and have a high work ethic,  BUT you often miss meals, time with friends and family, and opportunities for fun.

YOU love the satisfaction of helping people – BUT you don’t ask for help.

YOU are charitable, kind and giving – BUT you wish you could give more.

YOU love your community – BUT wish you had more time to be part of it.

YOU are deeply grateful for your blessings – BUT wish you had more time to practice spiritually.

YOU work hard for your family -BUT wish you had more time to spend with them.

YOU know you are on the right track – BUT wonder if you will ever arrive.

YOU are a small business owner – and YOU can’t imagine doing anything else.
YOU are amazing – no BUTS about it!



The programs at Key Potential Coaching will kick your “BUTS!”

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