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    Wondering what this coaching thing is all about, and if it is the right step to take next in developing your personal and professional goals? No worries, you can "try it before you buy it." In a strategy session, you can discuss your goals, where you feel stuck, and what needs you have from a coaching program. You will walk away with a clear action step to take next, and a very clear understanding if coaching is for you, and if I am your coach. Click the "Book Now Button" to schedule your session today. ~ Priscilla Hansen, CPC

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    Priscilla Hansen, CPC
    Business Management Coach
    500 Southborough Drive, #508
    South Portland, Maine 04106

Key Potential Coaching Manage Your Business, Manage Your Life

Here’s what people who have reached their Key Potential are saying:

“Priscilla was a student of our coach certification program and during this training demonstrated a strong willingness to participate and engage in a very sincere and meaningful way. The passion and enthusiasm she has for coaching undoubtedly carries through to how she works with her clients.”
—Bill Sex,
President / CEO,  New England Coaching

“I have been seeing Priscilla for about three months and the difference in my career, productivity and overall outlook is remarkably different. She has helped me gain insight into my life, focus on my objectives, prioritize my tasks and change my outlook. I can’t say enough about what that has meant. Every week I come out of our meetings feeling good about where I am and where I am headed. I highly recommend her!”
—Dave H., Portland, ME

“I attended IPEC Coaching certification training with Priscilla. During our extended program work, I was impressed by Priscilla’s attitude, insights and motivational techniques. Priscilla is an exceptional coach for anyone who wants to obtain their goals.”  —Angela V, Boston MA

“My relationship with Priscilla is primarily as a Business Coach. She has helped me focus on a plan of action we developed, and kept me on time, and on task, which is no easy thing. We continue to look at new ideas and innovative products to use in my company. She is an indispensable member of our management team. Without her input for the past 2.5 years, I know we would have shut our doors long ago.” – Stewart Peller, Artisan, Stonewood Jewelry

“Priscilla is a breath of fresh air. She has many uplifting and encouraging words and will motivate you to do what YOU need to do in your personal life and in your business life. I highly recommend Priscilla if you are struggling in any way. She will put the ‘go’ in ‘get up and go’. I am currently in one of her MasterMinds classes. It is motivating me to do what I need to do in order to increase my business. Members of the class will hold you accountable. That’s what many business owners need in today’s world.  Thank you.”  Betty Schmidt of Keeping Tabs

“I met Priscilla through a professional colleague and right away I was drawn towards her. She is very passionate about what she does and is very knowledge about her line of work. After our first coaching session Priscilla was able to help me be more specific with goals for my business. At that point I realized that Priscilla would be able to help me with goals I had in mind for my business. I am now attending one of her masterminding groups and love the way she runs these meetings. Not only have I had an opportunity to work with other business owners, but it makes me accountable to my weekly goals. If you are looking to take your business to the next step or just need help starting a new business Priscilla is that person. I would recommend her to any business owner. ~ Hydie Knuckles, Bello In Home Salon

Priscilla has a great mix of person-ability and professionalism. Her positive energy is contagious. She has been a great mentor for me on my journey to ICF certification in coaching.  ~ Terri G ~ Falmouth, ME

Having the opportunity to work with Priscilla has been a life changing experience, I highly recommend her if you are looking to create your own true life balance.

Priscilla’s passion and spirit bring out the best in others. She is extremely supportive, will help you discover your greatness and continually impresses me with her never ending happiness.

Working Priscilla has opened me up to endless possibilities. If you get the chance to work with her I promise it will be an amazing experience ~ Marcy R., CA

Coaching with Priscilla has been an amazing experience. I was shut down and frustrated by my inability to organize and accomplish small tasks. Our first coaching session gave me hope and I began to see ways that I could reengage in my life and begin to do some of the things on my to do list. My life is changing my thinking is changing and instead of thinking I’m too tired to do that task I think oh I can do that. Step by step, piece by piece, I am creating the life that I want to live instead of sitting on the sidelines of my life and letting it pass me by. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines. I am so happy for what this coaching process is doing and has done for me. Thanks Priscilla for helping me reclaim my life. ~ Cheryl, Eastport ME

“Priscilla is a coach that does not speak in cliche. She helps the client find and focus the “inner fire” to stoke business growth.” ~ John Baldwin, CPA, N. Yarmouth, ME

“The Key Potential Coaching Masterminds sessions provide an invaluable opportunity for business owners of all types gain insight into new ways to improve their businesses. If you have ever wanted to ‘pick the brain’ of other people and find out how they approach the challenges of their business this is a great opportunity to do that in an intensive group setting. You will get great feedback on your business, have the opportunity to share your experience and knowledge, and also meet and network with others who may become future clients of yours.”  ~ Dave Harford,  Dave Harford Design