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    Priscilla Hansen, CPC
    Business Management Coach
    500 Southborough Drive, #508
    South Portland, Maine 04106

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An Interview with Coach Priscilla:

What made you become a Business Management Coach?

Somewhere along the line, I picked up the idea that I had to be a business professional to ever make any money.  I believed I had to work in the corporate arena to get anywhere in life.  I had to go to business school, take accounting and business management classes, and climb the corporate ladder.  Anytime I caught myself daydreaming about becoming a writer, or opening a tackle shop where I could sell my hand-tied flies, or live my dream job of being a professional coach and motivational speaker -  I would “snap myself out of it” by reminding myself that dreamers do not make a living. Then the corporate world let me down – with a tremendous thud, and my position was eliminated.  It was then I decided to take a daring risk – I decided for once in my life, I was going to do what made me happy.  I decided to start my own business as a professional coach.  For the first time in my life, I experienced deep joy and fulfillment. I felt alive!  I was the happiest when I was creating programs, writing blogs and articles, and working with talented professionals.  I realized I had lived too long not pursuing my dream because I listened to the stories in my head, and made fear based decisions.  I have the background of business management, and the heart of a creative soul. My mission in life is to encourage creative people to step out, take a risk, and pursue their purpose and passion while making a profit.

Why did you choose the interview format to introduce yourself?

I first published my bio in a bullet-list format. After receiving several inquires asking if I was a hypno-therapist, I realized I was missing the mark of being motivational, and was putting my readers into a trance-like state.

What is your background in Business Management Coaching?

I successfully completed over 400 hours of coaching and coursework to attain my coaching certification through iPEC, an International Coaching Federation accredited program.  I founded Key Potential Coaching in January of 2009.  I facilitate several successful Mastermind Groups and personally coach dozens of small business owners.  I also lead several workshops each year and speak to audiences on topics of life balance, time management, and business strategies.

What makes you different from other Business Management Coaches?

When you own a business, your life and work are intermingled, therefore, when coaching a small business owner – I work YOU the business owner, and YOU the person.  When you join Key Potential Coaching, you have access to your coach 24/7.  You are given access to the  “private client access area” of my website.  There, we track your goals and successes, and you can communicate any challenges may be having.  I also help small business owners by providing resources, articles, links, and connections.  But what really sets me apart is how I relate to my clients. I understand what its like to juggle a business, deal with family issues, handle major life transitions, stay healthy, and still maintain some sort of sanity! (a great sense of humor helps too!)

How would you describe your coaching style?

I am a Certified Core Energy Coach through Ipec Coaching.  Discovered and developed by iPEC Founder Bruce D Schneider, it is founded on more than ten thousand hours of research and application over the course of 30 years. This inter-disciplinary process has its roots in psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mentoring, consulting, quantum physics, metaphysics, adult and accelerated learning theories, emotional intelligence, leadership development, and theories of conscious evolution.

With Core Energy Coaching™  raise the conscious awareness of the client as they are reaching each stated goal or task. My clients become increasingly more aware of who they are “being” as they set and achieve objectives. I break through my clients limiting thoughts and emotional responses, and replace them with supportive, empowering beliefs that lead to powerful and consistent action. When you are highly aware you think, feel, and act, the stage is set for creating sustainable change. With this awareness, you can shift into high performance mode and accomplish exponentially greater results while expending less effort.

I adapt my “style” to the needs of my clients. Some clients need more visualization, some need more assignments, some need to talk things out, and some want to get straight to the point. But what you can always expect is I will support you in your journey, I will encourage you to stretch your horizons and step out of your comfort zone – when you are ready.  Each session is about you and only you. This is your life – so we stick to your agenda. I provide a safe, supportive and confidential place for you to talk about your desires. I believe that you have the all the answers already inside you, and I will guide you through the process of gaining clarity and focus to attain the life you want.

What do you do for fun, when you’re not coaching?

When I’m not having FUN coaching, I spend my time with MyHoney, and our two dogs. I enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, snowshoeing, and taking long walks in the Maine woods. My hobbies include fly-tying, writing, blogging, and while some people say I am crazy, I also love public speaking, performing stand-up comedy, and karaoke. (Although, while karaoke is fun for me, I can’t say the same for the people listening!)

What would you say to someone who is a business owner who wants to attract clients, grow their business, and manage their home life at the same time?

I would say to schedule a complimentary no-obligation meeting with me.  I would love to hear more about your business, your home life, and what is currently working for you, and what is not.  What changes would you have to make in your life? What space do you need to clear? How can I help you take that first step?  Now that you know me a little better, I would love to get to know YOU!

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